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We go the extra mile for our songwriter's. We routinely contact our songwriter's to find out if you need anything. Communications is our strongest point. We are friendly and helpful. We would not have it any other way. We take an interest in each and every songwriter that has a membership with us. That also applies to non-members who use our services.

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"It's great having a service like Songwriters Portal to pitch your music and to get real time results of when a song is pitched to or played by an industry person. They are great at communicating if you have any questions or don't understand something. Very one on one when it comes to you as a songwriter and your songs."


"Songwriters Portal has efficiently streamlined the process of pitching my music. Their line of communication and friendliness has been excellent and I really couldn't ask for anything more in regards to a pitching service. Keep up the good work!!"

Winston J.

"What I like best about this service is the instant communications that goes on when ever an action occurs against one of my songs. I know when a producer plays my song. Who ever came up with this system really knows what they are doing!!"


"Now that I've had time to digest this news, I want to thank you guys for doing what you're doing. Your company is innovative and you're actually making it easier for the "little people" who aren't networked into Nashville to get a fair shot. I am really so grateful. Again, I can't thank you enough. What you're doing feels like new ground, and I suspect it's going to shake up the songwriting world."


"I know your busy but just wanted you to know I appreciate everything you guy's do at Songwriters Portal and the Great communications between everyone! I have several PPL pitching my songs and you are by far Professional, Kind, and that crazy work ethic that inevitably leads to success for all of us!"


"This is just another great reason to reach out to Cam and Wes at Songwriters Portal!!! They are the best to work with...I know that from experience...and if you walk away with a song cut, or placement in a film or television, or a publishing contract...that's fantistic!!! All I know is there are very few people standing on my front porch asking me for songs...these Guys get my music out there!!!"