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Why Use Songwriter's Portal?
  • You get professional advice on each song submitted.
  • You will receive our monthly, members only, artist needs listing. Find out who you can pitch to.
  • We save you many hours in attempting to place your songs. We show you who is looking for material.
  • Music professionals log directly into our website to listen to your music.
  • You are instantly notified when a music pro listens to your song(s).

Songwriter's Portal members are never charged an additional fee or asked to sign away a percentage of your royalties for us helping you place your songs.

Songwriters Services

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Services for Songwriters at it's Best

Low Cost Memberships

Members get their material pitched to Music insiders, Record Labels, Producers, Publishers, A&R Reps and Break-out Artists. Up to four songs per month. We never charge a commission on the Royalties from your songs.

Professional Demos

Studio Quality mastered demos! This is what we do! If you want to take your music to the next level, then this is for you. World Class musicians will record your song and it will sound AMAZING!

Song Ready Tracks

Fully produced music tracks ready for your lyrics. First come first serve, once we sell the track it’s gone. You own 100% of the rights. Record your lyrics at your home studio or a studio near you, sent it back to us and we’ll master the recording, BAM!! It’s radio ready. Or hire one of our professional singers and we’ll take care of everything.

Music Pro Contest

On-line pitch to a publisher contest. $12.00 to enter. The top 10 songs played for a publisher live via Skype or some other service. Where a publisher will listen and decide to take, hold or pass on the song and provide some feedback.

Can't Sing or Play?

Don't Play? Hey don’t feel bad, some of the best songs ever were written by writers who were not musicians. Just send us a work tape of you singing your song along with the lyrics. We will turn it into something you'll be proud of.

Professional Song Critiques

Don’t spend a ton of your hard earned money on a professional demo until you spend $35.00 per song to be sure your song measures up and is ready for today’s marketplace.

What Does a Membership Buy You?

Members get their material pitched to Music insiders, Record Labels, Producers, Publishers, A&R Reps and Break-out Artist. Through our state of the art technology every time you or your song is pitched, or listened to by a music professional you’ll be immediately notified. And if your song gets picked up, we connect the music professional with you directly. Songwriters Portal is revolutionizing the industry.

Some Facts About Songwriters Portal

We have designed Songwriters Services that are state of the art. When your song is pitched, you know immediately. When your song is played by a professional, you know immediately. Communications is key and our greatest asset.

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