Song Critique

Song Critique Services

If you are serious about pitching your music to the music industry, you will want to have your song evaluated prior to submission. Don’t spend a ton of your hard earned money on a professional demo until you spend $35.00 per song to be sure your song measures up and is ready for today’s marketplace..

  • This isn’t some paper checklist critique.
  • It’s a detailed breakdown and honest assessment done via audio and the results emailed back to you..
  • If your song is ready, we’ll give you a thumbs up. If not, we will provide suggestions and direction to improve the song. Only $35.00.
  • We have over 15 years of experience in the music industry.
  • We regularly pitch new songs to record executives, publishers, and major recording artists.
  • We have critiqued hundreds of songs.
Song Critique

This is What You Do

Place Your Order

  • Receive Welcome
  • Receive Instructions

You will receive detailed instructions on how and where to send your song(s).

What to Send

  • .MP3 Format Only
  • Lyrics

You will send us an email and attach your song(s) in .mp3 format and your lyrics in either pdf or word format.

What We Check

  • Mixing
  • Aesthetics

We check many different aspects of your music. Lyrics, structure, blending, chord progression, and many other factors.


Per Song


We will critique your song and email the results to you. We are fast and thorough.