Low Cost Demos

Lyric Writers Special

Hey don’t feel bad, some of the best songs ever written were by writers who were not musicians. That shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dream of being a professional song writer. After all, you know you’re song is great! Just send us a work tape of you singing your song with a guitar or piano. We will match your song to a songready track and have a professional singer create the vocal track.

Out By The Lake Demo

  • Email your rough recording with Lyrics.
  • Send them to staff@songwritersportal.com
  • Make sure the song is in .mp3 format.
  • You retain all rights to the song.
  • You receive a fully mastered production.
Low Cost Demos

This is What You Do

Place Your Order

  • Receive Welcome
  • Receive Instructions

You will receive detailed instructions on what to send. We will reach out to you for approval on the sound ready track after we match the lyrics to the instrumentals.

Work In Progress

  • Professional Singer
  • Song Ready Track

After receiving approval from you, we will have our professional singer create the vocal track. The new song will then be mixed and mastered and emailed to you.


  • BMI

The song you receive is 100% yours. You are then free to register the song at a licensing company such as BMI or ASCAP.