Professional Singers

Can't Sing or Play?

Hey don’t feel bad, some of the best songs ever written were by writers who were not musicians. That shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dream of being a professional song writer. After all, you know you’re song is great! Just send us a work tape of you singing your song with the instrumentals and another without the vocals. Email those to us along with your lyrics and we will have a professional singer create your vocal track. We can even provide world class musicians to play and master your song.

Out By The Lake Demo

  • Send Us Two Versions of your .mp3.
  • First Version, with Vocal Track.
  • Second Version, without Vocal Track.
  • Specify Male or Female Vocals.
  • After you Checkout, We will get started.
  • Send us an .mp3 of you Singing Your Song.
  • Attach the Lyrics.
  • Professional Musicians will Record the Song.
  • It will be Fully Mastered in the Nashville Studio.
  • The completed song is 100% yours.
  • And, you won't belive how good it sounds.
Professional Singers

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You will receive detailed instructions on what to send. We will reach out to you and let you know when the studio can work you in to their schedule.

Can't Sing

  • Professional Singer
  • Harmony

Send us two versions of your .mp3.First version with vocal track. Second version without. Specify gender. We will have a professional singer create the vocal track with or without harmony. We will then send the vocal track to you.

Can't Play

  • Professional Musicians
  • Professional Singer

Send us an .mp3 of you singing your song. Attach the lyrics. Professional musicians with record your song in studio. A professional singer will record the vocals. Your song will then be mastered by a sound engineer. The completed song is 100% yours.


Can't Sing


Male or Female Professional Singer. Vocal Track Only.

Can't Sing-Harmony


Male or Female Professional Singer. Vocal Track. Includes Harmony Overlay.

Can't Play


World Class Musicians - Mixed/Mastered by Professionals - Professional Studio Environment - Professional Singer

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